Safe Beauty ABCs – Why we need to be reading Ingredient Labels

Confused what ‘Clean Beauty’ means? Yup, that’s totally understandable. With no clear regulations around this term, it can be tricky to figure out, because “clean” and “natural” (the other word that’s become ubiquitous in beauty marketing) can mean a lot of different things. That’s because there’s still no standard definition.

Clean beauty is more than being paraben-free. It is skincare that is good for your skin, good for you and good for the environment.

Still confused? That’s why I prefer to talk about ‘Safe Beauty’ rather than ‘Clean beauty’. We want to be using skincare that is safe regardless of whether it is natural or synthetic.

Let’s clarify further by looking at my Safe Beauty ABCs

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The Real Truth behind the Most Common Sunscreen Myths I hear from my Patients

It’s not a myth that UV rays damage your skin: skin cancer aside, think wrinkling, broken capillaries and pigmentation.

So sunscreen is my no. 1 year-round skincare staple. Summer, winter, indoors and outdoors – but it is the skincare product most shrouded in controversy. Here are some of the most common statements I hear from my patients around this topic and the real truth based on scientific evidence. So hold on to your zinc oxide – we are about to do some myth-busting!

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How to Get your Skin Season-Ready!

Come summer, and not every skin-perfecting, age-preventing treatment is a suitable for sunny weather.

This does not mean that all aesthetic procedures are off-limits— there are plenty of treatments that can be done, as long as they are timed out just right and that good sunscreen is applied routinely. Read more about Cherie’s ‘go-to summer-safe’ treatments.

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Patient Diary: How I Got Rid of My Pigmentation

“I have been struggling with my pigmentation (melasma) for about 10 years now. I first noted it when a switched birth control brands. My confidence levels were really affected. I would not leave the house without cover up and dreaded bumping into people if I had no concealer on. One day my nephew asked “what are all those brown patches on your face?”, and I just knew I needed to find a treatment that would really work.”

Follow Chenaye on her journey as she details a day-by-day account of how she got rid of her pigmentation.

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The power of combination treatments

We are all very different, making it very rare for a single person to only have one major concern that they want to improve at a time, but rather multiple concerns. Combination treatments are the modern-day method of getting you the best possible treatment results in the least amount of time.

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