Halloween Scary Skin Stories

At Halloween, some of the most frightening costumes include skin concerns that dermatologists deal with every day. From witches’ warts to shocking scars and blistering boils, the scary skin issues you see on Halloween are typically all in good fun.

More terrifying to dermatologists are potentially dangerous skincare mistakes we see our patients making. Here are some of the most spine-chilling…

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Covid19 and the Increased Rise of Physical Pain

Stress headaches are on the rise (surprise!) but Kevin is here to give you coping strategies to EXPLAIN and CONTAIN the PAIN.

Covid19 has undoubtedly had a major impact on our lives – physically, mentally and emotionally – so it comes with little surprise that it has brought about an increase of neck pain, headaches and jaw pain. This trend seems to have been brought about by a combination of poor ergonomics, a rise in sedentary behavior and of course… elevated stress levels!

Learn the top 6 coping strategies to rein in the pain!

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Stress Management 101 by Dr. Sedicka

Goodness! Stress can be a real mess, causing us to sacrifice the basic needs of life… like our beauty sleep! Yikes!

Should we call 911 for help OR simply throw in the towel and give up?!

My advice to you: Start off by taking in a deep breath, come into the present moment and learn some easy-to-implement tips to stay on top of your stress levels.

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The Moldy Story

We often hear about mold, the sneaky organism, that loves to lurk in our home. What is mold? Where do they like to live? And, lastly, should you be concerned?! Let’s shine the microscope lens on it…

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