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Patient Diary: How I Got Rid of My Pigmentation

“I have been struggling with my pigmentation (melasma) for about 10 years now. I first noted it when a switched birth control brands. My confidence levels were really affected. I would not leave the house without cover up and dreaded bumping into people if I had no concealer on. One day my nephew asked “what are all those brown patches on your face?”, and I just knew I needed to find a treatment that would really work.”

Follow Chenaye on her journey as she details a day-by-day account of how she got rid of her pigmentation.

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What is ‘Leaky Gut’?

‘Leaky gut’ seems to be the trending term for 2020. If you don’t know about it already, then it’s time to get with it!

Just like the skin, the gut wall is an interface to the outside world. However, its only one cell layer thick, as opposed to 7 layers as found in the skin! Did you realize that you entrust a single layer of cells to control what passes into your bloodstream? Exactly, it’s time that you get to know your gut lining a little bit better.

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