Stephanie Rouillard

Integrative Dietitian Nutritionist

My fascination for nutrition is founded on the life-giving information encoded into real, whole food. I am passionate about using nutrition to instruct the body to function optimally and ultimately to heal.

Stephanie Rouillard

Integrative Dietitian Nutritionist

Stephanie is our integrative dietitian nutritionist, with key interests in gut health, skin health and immune dysfunction. 

Her thorough approach, compassionate care, and serene nature make her an outstanding clinician.

Stephanie’s engagement with revolutionary emerging research in the field of ‘the microbiome’ has brought gut health to the forefront of her therapy. Her approach aims to identify the underlying causes and triggers of dysfunction, and emphasizes the importance of high-quality foods and phytonutrient diversity to address clinical imbalances.

A healthy gut is paramount to achieving wellness. Diet is our most influential tool in attaining optimal gut health, as food interacts with our gut microbes every single day. Your skin reflects what is occurring inside the body: when your gut is happy, your immune system works better, and your skin remains beautiful. 

With Stephanie’s personalised, integrative, and science-based approach to nutritional therapy; we can assure you that your beauty will truly shine from the inside out. 

BSc Dietetics (Stell.), AFMCP Graduate (The Institute for Functional Medicine) 

Key Career Distinctions 

2013: Recipient of Golden Keys Award for Academic Excellence
2014: Stellenbosch University Prize for Academic Excellence
2017: Graduated cum laude, receiving Honors Award for Academic Achievement in BSc Dietetics; acknowledged as Best BSc Dietetics Student, top achiever in Therapeutic Nutrition and Undergraduate Research in the Division of Human Nutrition
2018: Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) Graduate, The Institute for Functional Medicine, USA (IFM)
Gastrointestinal Advanced Practice Module, IFM
2019: Immune Advanced Practice Module, IFM
Hormone Advanced Practice Module, IFM 


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