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Patient Diary: Mrs H and the Reason I became a Dermatologist

This month in celebration of World Vitiligo Day on 25 June, I would like to share with you a patient’s story who is very close to my heart. Not only was she the match which kindled my fascination into holistic integrative dermatology but she was the reason I spent two years studying the pigment cell condition of vitiligo and developing a test which would predict a patient’s response to treatment.

My mentor Prof Gail Todd always told me that my greatest teachers would be my patients. Mrs H – you were my first and greatest teacher and one of the reasons I became a dermatologist. Thank you for allowing me to share your story and for changing the trajectory of my life.

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Exploring Chiropractic – What to Expect at Your First Appointment (No need to be nervous… )

Chiropractic care has been gaining popularity amongst those with back and neck pain. With excellent patient satisfaction scores, it’s no surprise that there is a surge in pain sufferers calling out to chiropractors. However, trying something new can often provoke anxiety, which is why Dr. Kevin tells us what to expect when seeing your chiro for the first time:

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Surprising Uses for B-tox (Spoiler: it’s not what you think…)

Botulinum toxin is well known for its wrinkle-busting effects, as it relaxes the muscles of the face.

However, there are a multitude of medical conditions that can be alleviated with the use of botulinum toxin. We think that some may raise your eyebrows…if they haven’t already been ‘botoxed’ into submission 🙂 Keep reading to find out some of the most surprising uses for Botox…

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Our Fave Winter Treatment

What’s not to love about winter? Not only does it serve as a warranted excuse to stay in bed a little longer…but in TASH 360’s world, it’s the perfect season to rejuvenate the skin.

Less time spent in the sun, means less heat and UV ray exposure, which means less risks associated with aesthetic treatments. While the sunrays are at bay, our Skin Specialists’ will play!

Our Skincare Specialist, Angie Chaplin, writes about an amazing skin treatment that serves as a winter-wonder for your skin…keep reading to find out how to get the most out of your treatments this winter!

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