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Exploring Chiropractic – What to Expect at Your First Appointment (No need to be nervous… )

Chiropractic care has been gaining popularity amongst those with back and neck pain. With excellent patient satisfaction scores, it’s no surprise that there is a surge in pain sufferers calling out to chiropractors. However, trying something new can often provoke anxiety, which is why Dr. Kevin tells us what to expect when seeing your chiro for the first time:

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Covid19 and the Increased Rise of Physical Pain

Stress headaches are on the rise (surprise!) but Kevin is here to give you coping strategies to EXPLAIN and CONTAIN the PAIN.

Covid19 has undoubtedly had a major impact on our lives – physically, mentally and emotionally – so it comes with little surprise that it has brought about an increase of neck pain, headaches and jaw pain. This trend seems to have been brought about by a combination of poor ergonomics, a rise in sedentary behavior and of course… elevated stress levels!

Learn the top 6 coping strategies to rein in the pain!

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What the CRACK?!

CRACK! The relieving sound of an adjustment (spinal manipulation) is often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of visiting a Chiropractor.

Learn what causes the “CRACK” and why it is beneficial (Spoiler: it is NOT caused by bones moving around or being ‘put into place’).

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