Dr Sedicka Laskery

Dr Sedicka aims to help rebuild, repair, restore and potentially rejuvenate your body’s function holistically. Her unique expertise of combining Western with Complementary Medicine allows her to treat the root causes of disease. About Dr Sedicka →

A Sneak Peek into Dr Sedicka’s Personal Medicine Cabinet

We’re living in the 21st Century – a time filled with all sorts of demands that cause multiple changes in our bodies.

Not only does Dr Sedicka strive to have beautiful skin, but also to shine and to have a sparkle in her eye. Supporting health and cultivating balance is her motto and supplements are one of her secrets to achieving this.

Keep reading for a sneak peek into Dr Sedicka’s PERSONAL medicine cabinet and find out what our integrative doctor’s top nutraceuticals are!

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Stress Management 101 by Dr. Sedicka

Goodness! Stress can be a real mess, causing us to sacrifice the basic needs of life… like our beauty sleep! Yikes!

Should we call 911 for help OR simply throw in the towel and give up?!

My advice to you: Start off by taking in a deep breath, come into the present moment and learn some easy-to-implement tips to stay on top of your stress levels.

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The Moldy Story

We often hear about mold, the sneaky organism, that loves to lurk in our home. What is mold? Where do they like to live? And, lastly, should you be concerned?! Let’s shine the microscope lens on it…

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The Truth about I.V. Vitamin Drip Therapy

In the midst of the 21st century, our bodies are overwhelmed by daily assaults – think exposure to pathogens (viruses/bacteria/fungi) and chemicals, air pollution, poor-quality foods and emotional stressors. Never before have we understood that better than now in the midst of COVID. Learn how to build immune resilience with I.V. Vitamin Drip Therapy.

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