‘Leaky gut’ seems to be the trending term for 2020. If you don’t know about it already, then it’s time to get with it!

Just like the skin, the gut wall is an interface to the outside world. However, its only one cell layer thick, as opposed to 7 layers as found in the skin! Did you realize that you entrust a single layer of cells to control what passes into your bloodstream? Exactly, it’s time that you get to know your gut lining a little bit better:

Think about your gut wall as part of your personal ‘security system’

Your gut barrier acts as a ‘safety gate’ which only allows ‘wanted’ substances to enter your body. It opens up to tiny molecules of nutrients, hormones, and beneficial gut bacteria messengers to travel in, out, and even between adjacent gut cells.

If your gate malfunctions, particle traffic is no longer coordinated and controlled: immune tissue, lying beneath the gut wall, become exposed to unwanted fragments. The immune system begins to fire which further damages gut lining. We call this ‘leaky gut’.

How do I know whether I have ‘leaky gut’?

‘Leaky gut’, also known as intestinal permeability, is associated with weakening of the gut lining and increased inflammation in the body. In practice, its described as the ‘clinical chameleon’ as it can present in so many different ways! It can masquerade as skin disease, chronic fatigue, weight issues, anxiety or depression, allergies and of course – digestive issues. Major tell-tale signs include autoimmune diseases – think celiac disease, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, diabetes type 1 – as well as multiple food intolerances.

Your gut bugs act as the operating system for your ‘safety gate’. In essence, they keep gut cells glued together, so any unfavorable disruptions to your microbiome will jeopardise your protective structure.

Why did my gut get ‘leaky’?

Modern life incorporates the greatest gut offenders: poor diet, toxin exposure, excess stress and sedentary lifestyle. The intake of certain drugs, especially when not medically necessary, can also poke holes in the gut wall!

Can my ‘leaky gut’ be treated?

At TASH 360, our trustworthy clinicians work with your story, symptoms, and when necessary – lab tests – to confirm whether your gut is ‘leaky’.

Gut healing is rarely fast or easy: it’s not as simple as cutting out gluten, adding a forkful of sauerkraut, or including the latest in-supplement into your regime. It entails a thoughtful, personalized and targeted approach – which always requires your best effort, alongside our expertise.

Get the guidance you need today.  We’re by your side.

Your gut is your GATEway to health.

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