Stress Management 101 by Dr. Sedicka

Goodness! Stress can be a real mess, causing us to sacrifice the basic needs of life… like our beauty sleep! Yikes!

Should we call 911 for help OR simply throw in the towel and give up?!

My advice to you: Start off by taking in a deep breath, come into the present moment and learn some more today…

We find ourselves living in an era of modern living, which is packed with chronic stress due to the demands of our urban lifestyles. We become blinded by stress – beginning to perceive that which is actually abnormal as normal! We’ve compromised our health by ‘submitting ‘ to this chronic stress, almost as though we must accept it as our true reality.

Where have we gone wrong? Seriously?!

Stress is a normal reaction by the body in response to a life-threatening situation/event. It is when our body goes into that flight/fight/freeze mode –  an essential response for survival!

What is a ‘normal’ stress response? 

A ‘normal’ stress response is when the body reacts to protect you from harm, which allows you to become vigilant and alert to react to the threat. It enables you to flight… or fight…to defend yourself appropriately. A stress response should always be short-lived – allowing your body to return to the ‘parasympathetic’ or ‘relaxed’ state.

Can stress be harmful to my health?

Yes, there is such a thing as ‘good’ stress and ‘bad’ stress!

A ‘good’ stress response acts as your morning alarm – it allows for a release of adrenaline & cortisol (your stress hormones) to kick-start your day. Again, it is short-lived.

‘Bad’ stress = the chronic, perpetuating ‘good’ stress response; which leads to countless damaging effects on the body.

So often, when we actually need the ‘good’ stress response to overcome a threat, we are already at the point of burnout (leaving your body with absolutely no reserve to keep going).

Do you know that our minds spend 90% of the time in the subconscious world. Take that in for a second…What does that actually mean? It means we only in the consciousness space for about approximately 10 % of our lives!

The constant onslaught of stressful and unhelpful thoughts can leave you potentially depleted. Sometimes, we don’t even recognise that the body is feeling stressed.

What can I do about it?

You may be thinking: ‘goodness my stress levels are sky rocketing, is there any hope?’ or ‘l really don’t want antidepressants or be labelled with a mental disorder.’ The promising truth is that there is so much that can be done to help you develop the right type of coping skills with your individualised health needs. 

Dealing with your stress isn’t always easy. The noise of an anxious mind can be overwhelming, so it’s important that you:

  1. Seek help to manage your stress in a healthy manner.
  2. Allow yourself the opportunity to dissect the roots of your stress in order to optimise healing. 
  3. Invest into your mental health by embarking on a journey to develop skills and tools to cope with day-to-day stressors.

What are some of the benefits that l can achieve by facing my fears and stressors? 

  • Sound mindful decision making 
  • Minimised fatigue and burnout
  • Coping mechanisms required to get through a demanding lifestyle 
  • Empowerment, peace of mind and contentment 
  • Confidence and resilience to face fears and anxiety
  • A better quality of life 
  • Less risk of disease burden 

What is the key to stress management? 


Mindfulness therapy encompasses the integration of all the below therapies merged together. This approach is called PIT (Personalised Integrative Therapy) – it’s latest integrative approach in field of mental and emotional health.

Did you know? 

Research in the field Pyschoneuro-immunology describes how our emotions and thoughts directly impact on the state and wellbeing of our immune system.

Bottom line: Your immunity rests on the thoughts that you think and the emotions that you feel.


The PATH METHOD : Participatory Transformational Healing Method

Here we interact with your body’s expressions, feelings, emotions and past experiences to allow your cells to let go and release ‘stuck’ negative thoughts and trauma. It’s an interactive, close-up and gentle intervention between the doctor and patient.

Let go of stagnant negative energy that unblocks your infinite healing capacity!


Consists of skilful breathing techniques that activate various harmonious systems in the body. Often, the mind creates a mountain out of a mole heap. A guided process will assist you to gain perspective on your situation.


Is a tool that helps to calm the central nervous system and bring balance to the cells through quantum energy healing. This has a domino effect on the body: beyond just bringing calmness to the mind, it also improves the overall general healing capacity of the body by way of improving cell to cell signalling and communication.

Let the talk between your cells become healthy again!


Involves engaging in an in-depth, understanding and very gentle manner. It enhances your ability to become more presence in the moment, which allows you to identify the unhelpful thoughts without self-judgement. By unravelling the personality type and learning how to use it to your betterment, you’re able to come out of the life’s rat race and centre yourself. Irrespective of your ‘colossal storm of life’, you can achieve the ability to govern yourself through the terrain in a much healthier manner. In order to do so, we need to allow ourselves to develop the skills and knowledge that keep us from falling down the rabbit hole of unhelpful thoughts and perceptions. 


Consists of training the cells to change course of the unhelpful beliefs that we have created about ourselves. These are due to several factors that make up who we are and influence our outlook to life and stressors. 


Allows you can create new nerve pathways in your brain. We call this neuroplasticity.

Change old thinking patterns and develop a healthier engagement of thoughts and ideas!


A heart centred approach gives way to help you develop a healthy relationship between the ‘self and soul’.

The intuitive collaborative use of PIT empowers you to develop the ability to reintegrate with society, family and more importantly with yourself. It allows for a sustainable, effective long term approach to dealing with stress in life.

Take home message :

  • When needed, the stress response is normal and important.
  • A chronic stress burden is abnormal and breeds disease in the mind, body and soul.
  • 90% of chronic stress is due to overthinking a situation that is actually manageable. 
  • Strive towards the best health outcomes that you can humanly obtain and surrender that which is beyond your control. 

‘ If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath’ 

Dr Sedicka

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