2022: Your Year for a Detox

If you had to choose one New Year’s resolution that should appear on your list, it should be this: get 2021’s toxins OUT of your bodaaaaay!

Let’s face it, we live in a ‘toxic soup’ – if we’re not taking in a host of toxins through the air that we breathe in; then it’s the pesticides in our foods, the dyes & detergents in & on our clothes, the nasty chemicals in our household cleaning products, or the controversial ingredients in our skin care products. Unfortunately, chemicals seem to be lurking in every corner of life, and have resulted in some scary stats: Scientists estimate that the average adult carries within her or his body at least 700 toxins and that a new-born’s body can contain over 200 toxins!

Now, you’re probably feeling as though you are drowning in your ‘toxic soup’, or as though you’re suffocating in your toxin-riddled home. Or, you’re probably asking the questions: 

How do we survive? How do we live in an increasingly toxic world? 

Let us put a stop to your anxious thoughts, and say hello to your powerful ‘internal cleaning service’, your liver. 

Your body’s physiological process of rending chemicals, compounds, hormones, and toxicants less harmful is not limited to your liver – every cell in the body has mechanisms to ‘detoxify’, of which your liver’s cells (hepatocytes) are most potent. We’ve also got to have well-functioning kidneys, large intestines, lymph systems & sweat glands to reduce the body’s toxic load.

What does your body need to do its job?


Your liver’s most effective ‘cleaning agents’ are adequate fluids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and well-functioning liver enzymes. Your liver enzymes are responsible for converting toxins from fat-soluble forms (the form that cannot leave the body) into a water-soluble form which can exit the body through sweat, urine or poop (hello, gut health!).

An NB note on gut health:

As soon as toxins have been ‘processed’ by the liver, they need to leave the body ASAP. Healthy digestion, a good balance of gut flora, a well-intact gut wall & regular bowl movements ensure that toxins are not reabsorbed, and that they are eliminated via faeces. Your cellular detox pathways can be functioning beautifully BUT if your gut is not in good shape, then you’re never going to clear toxins effectively. 

Unfortunately, not all of our liver enzymes function at the same rate: some individuals have better abilities to rid their bodies of toxins; while others have sluggish ‘detox pathways’, which often precede & accompany chronic disease or unwanted symptoms (think fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, headaches, acne, PMS & heavy periods, difficulty sleeping). Our genetic makeups do not only code for eye colour or height, but for the production of liver enzymes too. Those with a higher ‘toxic load’ may not produce enough liver enzymes (due to genetic predispositions) or have enough ‘spark plugs’ (a.k.a are nutrient-deficient) to ‘activate’ detox enzymes. If this is you, don’t stress, we can do something about it. Read on.

Nutrition is medicine. Period.

Did you know that you can lower your toxic load with every snack, meal or drink that you choose to consume? Firstly, you can eliminate ‘toxic’ foods from your diet, AND support your body by giving it foods that ‘switch on’ your detoxification genes (say hello to epigenetics, friends). 

So, in summary, here’s your ‘cleaning check-list’: 

At TASH360, we’ve got something for everyone. From evidence-based detox programs, to testing for gene-based interventions. Book your consultation today.

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