The Truth about I.V. Vitamin Drip Therapy

In the midst of the 21st century, our bodies  are overwhelmed by daily assaults – think exposure to pathogens (viruses/bacteria/fungi) and chemicals, air pollution,  poor-quality foods and emotional stressors.

Our immune systems should act like synchronised, well-co-ordinated surveillance systems that constantly monitor our internal environments. Its ‘hi-tech advanced communication system’ should allow for a very quick and effective response to an insult or an impeding attack, as picked up by the surveillance cameras (immune cells). A healthy immune system immediately deploys ‘an appropriately-sized army’ to launch a counter-attack in order to protect your vital organs.

Compromised immunity presents when your immune system becomes suppressed (deploying too small an army), or over-active, (deploying too large an army, causing unnecessary damage to surrounding cells). 

How do I know if my immune system is compromised?

Signs of compromised immunity may include autoimmune diseases, the frequent occurrence of new infections & the re-emergence of old infections (think shingles, glandular fever or herpes), poor wound healing, or slow recovery from surgery & exercise. 

Here, at TASH360, you can build your immune resilience through integrative, medical approaches:

  • A guided approach to individualised lifestyle & dietary modifications
  • The treatment of your root causes of immune dysfunction
  • The inclusion of additional immune-supporting I.V. integrative medical drips

We believe that giving back to a depleted or over-active immune system goes without say.

I.V. Vitamin Drip Therapy is healthy – true or false?  Let’s ask our Integrative Doctor.

Wait a minute, what is I.V. Vitamin Drip Therapy?

I.V drip therapy refers to the administration of medications, nutrients or fluids (hydration) directly into the vein. I.V. delivery works faster than oral digestion, as the substrate bypasses the gut and as a result, enters the bloodstream at a quicker rate.

TASH 360’s tailored vitamin drips are intended to support the replenishment of nutrient deficiencies; alongside an appropriate lifestyle and dietary program. I.V. Vitamin Therapy does provide some hydration too, since the micronutrient formulas are often suspended in a hydrating saline solution.

Truth #1 – they’re beneficial

Homeopathic drips are tailored to work at a cellular level, support your health in & around the winter season, modulate inflammation, support immunity & offer relief for cell fatigue.

Vitamin and mineral I.V. cocktails can vary, from basic vitamin mixes (containing vitamin C, various B vitamins and magnesium) to infusions with added minerals or antioxidants (such as glutathione, zinc and selenium).

As part of your integrative treatment plan, I.V. vitamin therapy may aid in the healing process of chronic diseases of lifestyle; as well as facilitate in supporting chronic fatigue, inflammatory & detoxification processes, overall cellular energy function, recovery time for athletes, and optimise blood sugar control, thyroid and adrenal function.

Truth #2 – they’re safe

I.V. Vitamin Drip Therapy is safe under the supervision of a doctor. At TASH360, all patients are screened prior to undergoing I.V. therapy, in order to rule out any contra-indications such as impaired kidney function.

TASH360’s safe, professional protocol for screening typically involves:

  • An Intravenous infusion medical consult to establish eligibility and tailoring of the infusion drip cocktail according to your personal needs
  • Relevant blood tests where applicable
  • Administration of the drip by an experienced Integrative Medical Doctor

We ensure that high quality medical-grade ingredients are sourced from reliable, safe and clean compounding pharmacies. Transparency is key when it comes to I.V. micronutrient infusions – patients must see content of drips & witness the hygienic preparation thereof. 

Truth #3 – they’re effective

See what our patients have to say

I have been going for the drip treatment for a few months now and find it that I benefit from it in many ways. Apart from boosting my immune system, I feel more energized, my skin and hair are healthier and I also find that I sleep better. It feels good to know that there is a treatment available that has so many immediate benefits, and is also very convenient. I can definitely recommend the drip treatment, it is definitely worth it. Anna May Golding

Dr Laskery is so great at listening to the inner details of what you are telling her. I feel very grateful towards her since she has been helping me and treating me with her drips. Since I’ve been doing the drips I’ve noticed that I don’t have that crashing sensation when I get home after a very busy day and I’ve also been sleeping a lot better. I will forever be grateful for her making me feel better again. Marile Pieterse

I met Dr Sedicka Laskery at a point when my health and energy were at an all time low. I had no idea how I was going to deliver on work commitments or how I could live a life where I had energy and vitality. I was an avid reader of health and nutrition article’s and thought that I knew all about healthy eating, supplements and mindful living. In my mind I had tried it all without success but was so desperate that I knocked on Dr Laskery’s door thinking let me make another attempt to find a lasting solution to get well. What I found when that door opened was amazing. A doctor that wanted to know every little detail about my past and present physical, mental and emotional experiences. She wanted to know what I ate, what products I used in my home and on my body and was able to give me clear direct explanations on why she believed that the “whole” of me needed to be addressed to bring about my holistic well being. An exciting journey followed with me getting healthier, stronger and more energized. When I lost focus as we all do at times Dr Laskery’s door was open and I was gently guide back onto the path to health. When COVID19 struck I was under pressure at work like never before and needed quick, intense immune boosting. As I had already started my amazing journey of health I knew where to turn to – Dr Laskery and her professional advice and guidance. The professional magic that I received was in the form of a drip which I received for a couple of weeks. My experience of a journey that was a difficult time for most was a journey that was handled with ease and focus. My body received all that it needed to give me energy, focus and resilience to cope with extreme challenges and changes.  None of the previous health issues I had experienced returned and the feeling of well being remained. I have experienced mental clarity, physical strength and calm that I believe has only been made possible from the treatment I have received from Dr Laskery. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me to good health and the life that I am meant to live. Janice Finlay 


Take Home Message:

  • I.V Vitamin Drip Therapy is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle & diet
  • They’re not a miracle cure for any disease or condition, but are intended to assist in the body’s healing process
  • They should serve as a part of a holistic, integrative health plan
  • They should always be given to you with utmost care & diligence
  • Be proactive – it’s the first step to optimising your health

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